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A deep dive: A desert? How our system will change the world and the pain of loss which keeps passion alive.

Wavie Village

Developmental Launch: Wavie Village

We've launched Wavie Village. A system which connects children in need to Ivy League students (e.g. Harvard students). Our platform was built to change the world. We as the people have power for change. This program is 100% free and is seperate from the other systems we run - it's a non-profit project.


Wavie C-Link

A better way to connect with your students AND show them they are valued. I need to run this concept past you. Do you have any tips on the latest assignment? Do you have tips for exam time-management? Engaging with your students not only helps with school work, but you are able to boost their well-being by showing they are valued. That someone cares about them. This is powerful

Founded in New Zealand

There are 26 million sheep in New Zealand and 5 million people. Maybe a sheep well-being system is next? Fluffy check by Wavie? That "wool-d" be cool. Get it? Wool? Nevermind.

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